Thursday, December 30, 2004

Dinner at Kres Chophouse

Emily and I had a wonderful time last night. She shipped out to India earlier this afternoon, so we treated last night as our pseudo-new year's celebration. We went to Kres for happy hour and used my gift certificate. We had a really great time sitting in the bar. We had four appetizers, the cheese fondue, calamari, tuna, and beef carpaccio and a whole bunch of drinks (won't say how many).

Afterwards we went over to Sandra's to celebrate Tiana's 4th birthday. I gave her a giant Patrick doll (from Sponge Bob Square Pants) and a bunch of Dr. Seuss books. She already had two of the books, so I'm going to return them and get a couple of books that she doesn't already have. We ate some pink cake, watched a really horrible ballet video, and then Emily and I came home and passed out (we are such an exciting couple!)

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