Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

This is the month! I should get a letter any day now letting me know if I need to go shopping for a new suit or a new job. I chatted with Scotty from Richmond the other day (past JET) and he told me that he interviewed on Valentine's Day. Miss Emily (my girlfriend, who is also my co-applicant) has been talking about a Valentine's Day interview for weeks. Could it be fate? Honestly, I really don't want to interview on Valentine's Day, but I'll be happy to be interviewing none the less.

I really think I'm a good applicant. My GPA at Richmond sucked; it was only a 2.2 (with a B.S. in Biology). But at Rollins, I had a 3.5 (with an A.B. in Environmental Studies). That shows progress and maturity, right? I'm well traveled. In fact, I had to use an extra page to write down all of my international experience. I'm most worried about my lack of teaching experience (none). I've had training experience, which I admit is a little different. Teaching servers how to wait on tables and teaching volunteers how to talk to voters about campaign issues is very different from teaching Japanese students how to speak English.

Let me spend a couple of minutes talking about Emily. Emily is my girlfriend of just over one year. We decided back in August to apply to JET. We worked on our applications together. Emily sent in her application about 6 weeks early and I sent mine in about 2 weeks early. (I was working about 100 hours/week at the time and didn't have the time to actually finish my application until November).

We are applying to JET as a couple.

We have applied to the same prefectures and we filled out the appropriate extra questions. We stated that we are engaged. This is technically true because we have every intention of getting married, but she's still in college, so I haven't popped the question yet. We're not really sure how this is going to work out, but I'll keep you posted.

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