Thursday, January 13, 2005

This is where we applied

Emily and I applied to the following prefectures:


Anybody with any information on any of the prefectures would be greatly appreciated.


lydia said...

hey hey. i:m a current JET in toyama and i have to say, am surprised you applied for these 3 areas. the application rate here is VERY low (check out the toyama secion of lonely planet and you get "don't even bother stopping here on your way to somewhere else", and on the whole, i have to say, toyama doesn't have much to offer in the way of what most people come to japan for - temples, gardens, generally impressivel places. having said that, it's geographical location is spot on, buffeted by both the sea and copious snow-receiving mountains for both water sport and snow-sport lovers, so i'm gonna say "good choice!". and apparantly out water is delicious. ishikawa and fukui are pretty nice areas to live in too.

good luck! maybe we'll meet in a few months time!

The Funky Drummer said...

Mirroring Lydia's comments - I'm equally suprised you applied to these areas.

However, I'm a JET in Fukui, and I'm loving it. By selecting these areas, you have a very high chance of actually being placed there, as opposed to most JETs who select the more well known spots, and get deined. (ie almost everybody currently living in Fukui).

Check out my blog for info on Fukui, espeically if you like snow and the great outdoors.