Thursday, February 03, 2005

Got Questions?

Emily and I are going to practice for the interview. We scoured the Internet for possible questions that the JET interviewers might ask. Here are some of them:

What made you decide that you wanted to apply to the JET program?
How do you see yourself being different from someone else applying for the JET program?
Have you always felt comfortable living in your home country?
Do you have an interest in Japanese culture?
What do you plan to teach your students about your culture when you get to Japan?
What would you do if you were ‘groped’ on the train?
What would you say are the highlights of your countries history?
What do you think makes a good ALT?
What do you know about Japan?
Who are five famous people in Japan?
What are five famous places in Japan?
What is happening in the news in Japan recently?
Tell us about your experiences in teaching?
Why do you think that you are a good candidate for this position?
Can you name five American authors?
How would you contribute to international understanding?
Do you have anything that you would like to ask us?
Will it be OK if you and Emily are placed in different towns?
What do you do if there is a rowdy boy in your class?
In what ways do you expect education in Japan to be different from education in America?
What kind of negative experiences do you anticipate and how do you plan on dealing with them?
What will you do if your partner does not get in?
If you had plans for the weekend, and the school asked you to stay for a school function, what would you do?
The Japanese can be prejudiced against people of other Asian descent. How would you deal with this?
What is your favorite holiday and why? How would you teach about the history, cultural values, and celebration of that holiday?

That's a good start, don't you think?

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tetricus said...

You forgot the all importnat:
What do you look like in a kimono?
Question =)