Thursday, February 24, 2005

My Interview Questions

The interview took about 20 minutes. I was asked questions by a panel of three interviewers. Each interviewer took turns asking me questions. When each was finished, they went around and asked a few more questions.

I don't really remember the exact order of the questions and I had to paraphrase a few of the questions, but these are basically what I was asked.

1. Did you drive here?
2. How was traffic?

Ice is broken, onto the good stuff:

3. Tell us about yourself?
4. What do you expect from JET?
5. So you are applying to Nova and Aeon? Can you compare JET and Nova?
6. How would you answer a question from a student or a colleague about American politics?
7. What would you want people to know about your home?
8. What are you interested in participating in while you are in Japan?
9. Why did you pick the 3 prefectures that you picked?
10. Why didn't you get in when you applied in 2000?
11. Do you have any experience teaching English as a second language?
12. Do you like children?
13. Do you mind speaking in front of a group?
14. Tell us about your job with LCV.
15. What was the worst thing about that job?
16. What was the best thing about that job?
17. What will you do to prepare for JET?
18. What have you done to study Japan?
19. Talk about your Japanese speaking ability.
20. What are your future aspirations?
21. How will JET help me?
22. Why JET and not grad school?
23. What will you do if your fiance is placed in a different prefecture?
24. What will you do if either you or your fiance are not accepted into JET?
25. Have you applied for Nova?
26. Do you expect to have any problems adapting to a new culture?
27. What are your interests in America?
28. What are you looking forward to experiencing in Japan?
29. Do you have any formal study of Japanese culture?
30. How do you feel about seasons?
31. How do you feel about the cold?
32. How will you learn Japanese?
33. What will you get out of teaching English in Japan?

Again, the questions aren't in any order.

I wasn't asked any facts about Japan. I didn't have to name five famous people or five famous places. I think I got off really easy. I only had to talk about myself. That's easy to do; I've known myself my whole life. I just had to be honest.

Well, we'll see how I did on April 4th. Nothing to do now but wait.

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