Sunday, April 24, 2005

Let's set me up for disappointment!

Alright, so I appreciate everyone's comments about not worrying about JET and focusing on the other things that are going on in my life, but tomorrow has the potential to be a pretty big day (Not as big as watching the Red Sox beat up on the Devil Rays from right field this afternoon, but pretty big none the less).

All of the paperwork to accept the short list and alternate positions were due on Friday, which means that there is a possibility that I could get moved up as early as tomorrow.

Let's keep those fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I'm the one that posted about "forgetting about JET" a couple of posts down and I thought I'd add...

my fingers are crossed for you and I wish the best. ;-)

Anonymous said...

INSIDE INFO - Alternates still have a decent shot of going, but the chance of alternates going this year is less than prior years.

Evidentially, there are less teaching positions available this year. Approx 10% less.

Good luck!