Sunday, July 31, 2005

Some more advice from a friend:

"I think I got upgraded in September (after being informed of my wait list position in April) but I rejected it. May I recommend dropping JET and looking for some other, cheaper teaching abroad program? Every person I've spoken to about JET says the program is really difficult.
I plan to reapply after Peace Corps. Apparently their main beef with me was that I had never worked in another non-English speaking country before. When I mentioned studying in England at the Tribunal (that is, at my interview), one lady snapped: "Yes, but they speak English there!" I saw my chances plummet at that moment."

Thanks, Phoebes. So they do upgrade really late in the game; I had my suspicions. My favorite part of your letter was where you try to comfort me and recommend that I find something else because I really wouldn't enjoy myself and then tell me in the next breath that you plan on reapplying.

Have fun in Mongolia and whatever you do, DO NOT cut off one of your fingers so that you can be reassigned to Thailand.

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