Friday, August 12, 2005

Hangin' with the T

I made myself a rather delicious dinner last night, the details of which shall appear on Chopsticks within the hour. I managed to eat the whole thing in one night; it was about four bowls worth of food. Sometimes I amaze even myself.

Today was the day of the Orange DEC grand opening picnic. Mom and company couldn't come, so I had to settle for the company of my lovely niece/goddaughter. Here she is talking to Nana:

We had a fantastic time. It was catered, so we chowed down on free bbq chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, and corn on the cob. The corn on the cob was a bit tasteless, but everything else was FAN-TAS-TIC. We finished off our meal with a few popsicles, red, white, and blue of course.

They even had some games for the kids. They rented one of those inflatable bouncy room things and the handful of kids that were there had a blast.

It was a lot of fun dragging Tiana around. I think a few people thought she was my daughter, but she was quick to set them straight. She would say, "he's not my Dad, he's my UNCLE!"


All of the people from all of the groups were there and I recognized a few of the candidates from last years election. Even Senator Bill Nelson showed up. I didn't try to talk to him because everybody else was trying too.

After the bbq we went back to my new home, watched some cartoons, took a nap, ate some ice cream, played with the dog, my new roommates, my new roommates' friends, and the treasure chest on the front porch.

Then I got scratched by the cat:

Ouch! It wasn't really my fault. The dog was making a go at the cat (which is one of the cats that Sandra "rescued" at the old LCV office on Edgewater) and the cat leapt about eight feet in the air, claws and teeth bared, and I just happened to be in the way.

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