Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bad Dreams

I didn't go in to work today. My muscles hurt, my nose is kind of runny, and I have had a headache on and off all day. I feel gross.

I don't know exactly what it is, but it doesn't help that I didn't sleep well at all last night. I couldn't fall asleep and when I finally did I was having some unbelievably vivid dreams.

I woke up screaming during one dream.

In my dream I was sleeping on one of the chairs out in the living room; it is the one that I took the picture from a few days ago. In my dream I woke up to find the room completely dark with a tall figure standing next to me. I think he was dressed all in black. He wasn't moving or talking. He was just staring down at me.

In my dream I tried screaming for help at the top of my lungs, but the best I could let out was a muffled whisper. I didn't scream for very long. My screams woke me up.

I immeadiately realized that I had been dreaming, but it didn't make me feel any better. I sat up for a couple of minutes unable to sleep. Then I tried lying down, but it didn't help. I must have eventually fallen asleep, but it was an uneasy sleep and I kept waking back up.

I usually only have trouble sleeping when I'm stressed. I must have a lot on my mind.

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