Tuesday, October 11, 2005

That Darn Cat

I had a little adventure last night without even having to leave the living room. It was time to give my roommates' (feral) cat his flea medicine and we had to catch him first.

Let me give you a little background on this cat:

This was one of the cats that Sandra "rescued" last year during the campaign. This is the cat that has been moved around so often that in the last year he has lived at the LCV office, Jef's house, Sandra's house and now lives with my roommates and me. This is the cat that is deathly afraid of people. This is the cat won't let you come within 5 feet of him. This is the cat that gave me that scratch a few months ago. This is the cat that left me with a big scar on my arm.

So like I said, we had to catch him first.

We wanted to trap him in the living room, so we closed all of the doors except for one and waited for him to walk into the living room. He darted down the stairs into the living room a few times but ran back upstairs before we were able to close the door.

It wasn't until the third or fourth try that we were able to trap him in the living room with all of the doors closed.

That is when this cat turned into the Tasmanian Devil. I never knew a cat could jump so high or move so fast. You would have thought this cat was fighting for his life.

I especially liked how he was able to make every single hair on his tail stand straight up. I didn't know a cat could do that.

We looked like a bunch of drunk rednecks trying to catch a greased pig. Man, could that cat move! He would run under the couch. We would slide the couch over. He would try running into my room, but the door was closed. He was jumping about six feet in the air and clawing at the door trying to get in. It didn't work. So he would dart over to one of the windows in the living room. Then jump into the other window. Then back under the couch. We played this game for over 20 minutes. The whole time the three of us were following him around with blankets outstretched to capture him.

We were so scared that he was going to claw us. In fact, now that I think about it, he did claw Susannah a few times. I was really careful not to get too close, but at one point the cat almost clawed off my face. We had turned the couch on its side to keep the cat from running underneath it. When the cat got to the couch he ran up the side of the couch (it was like something from the Matrix) and then bounded straight for my face. I dodged his outstretched claws by millimeters. If I had been in the way I am sure that I would have lost an eye.

Like I said before, it took us about 20 minutes to capture that damn cat, but we finally got two blankets wrapped around him so tight that he couldn't escape.

Then we gave him his flea medicine and let him go.

Thank God I'll be in Japan the next time we have to do that.

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