Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lake Highland's Veterans Day Salute

My brother Kevin performed at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center last Friday in front of a crowd of war veterans and gushing parents. He dressed up as a Coast Guard officer and with the second and third grade of Lake Highland as a backdrop walked out on stage to salute the Coast Guard veterans in the crowd. Four other kids, each dressed up respectively as Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy followed him and did the same. As each kid came on stage they were applauded by the veterans from each respective branch of the military.

During the finale of the show the second and third graders took front and center stage. Kevin put on his other costume for this part of the show. I circled him to make it easier to find him.

After the show we went to dinner with Jim, Mom, Kent, Rene, and Catie. We sat at a sidewalk table at 310 Park South, which is one of the restaurants that I will miss most while I am in Japan. Catie, who had fallen asleep during the show, slept through the whole dinner while sprawled out on my lap.

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