Sunday, December 04, 2005

First Day in Saipan, CNMI

Alex and I got to Saipan safe and sound this morning at 3 AM. We didn't have any hiccups in our trip until after we had picked up our luggage and made it out of customs and immigration. Nobody was at the terminal to pick us up.

There is nothing as annoying as traveling for an entire day, crossing a globe to see your family, and then having them forget to pick you up.


A quick call to Angie and a short wait solved our dilemna. She picked us up and took us to the new house at Obyan.

I should probably say the new CASTLE at Obyan.

The new home is amazing. Each of the boys have a room that is larger than my whole apartment in Takaoka and Angie has an entire wing of the house. There is a huge living room, kitchen, pala pala and even a POOL TABLE.


The view from the roof in the house is probably one of the best views in all of Saipan. There are hardly any other houses around, so all you can see in all directions are green plants, blue sky and ocean, and white clouds. Not only can we see Obyan beach and the Pacific Ocean, but we can also see Tinian in the distance. Emily is going to be very happy being here for the next 3 weeks.

The old house, however, is in disrepair; It definately falls into the category of a fixer upper.

Today was an interesting day. We went to church twice. We had mass at 6 AM and then said the rosary (in Chamorro) at 7:30 PM. Morning mass was followed by breakfast at Shirley's, which is a restuarant in Chalan Kanoa, and the rosary was followed by a Chamorro style buffet next to the church.

I saw so many people, family members, cousins, aunts, uncles, and such that it would take a month for me to list them all off. I'm going to be sure to get pictures with all of them, then I'll post all the pictures on this blog.

Between the two services, which were both held at Kristo Rai catholic church in Garapan, we hung out at the house and went shopping for supplies for the funerals. Angie made us all buy matching black slacks. Ugh.

Memong and I also went for a walk down on Obyan beach this morning. We walked along the beach in search of the old hidden Japanese pillbox on the western side of the beach. It was still there. It was hidden behind lots of vines and trees, but we found it.

Then we walked back towards the other end of the beach and took a look at the latte stones that are at the entrance to the beach.

I was going to suggest that we walk to the other side of the beach to look for some caves (and adventure), but after only an hour in the sun, I could feel the first burning sensations of too much sun.

Did I mention that I didn't sleep a wink last night? I'm looking forward to some sleep tonight, but I'm not looking forward to getting up at 5 AM to make it to 6 AM mass again.

I know that Emily is upset that she'll be missing the funeral. Worry not, my love. You will have 9 days of mass and rosary's to attend. You'll meet everybody. I've already told everybody that would listen that you'll be here on Sunday.


Angry Sicilian said...

Hey Angelo,

I am sending a CARE package to your address in Japan, but if no one is going to be there, will it be ok to have a priority envalope sitting in your mailbox? Rather is it big enough?

-- S

Saipan Chamoale said...

The post office will probably hold onto it.

Emily said...

Everything looks absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful house...and that beach!!! (!!) I'm counting the minutes until I'm there!

There was a blizzard last night. It was pretty crazy. There's a layer of snow on the ground right now, but the temperature is supposed to go up into the mid 50s so it'll all melt. This juxtaposition with your situation is a bit weird.

Emily said...

By the way, Steve, the post office will definitely hold onto it if it doesn't fit in our mailbox. :) When do you expect the package to arrive? I leave next Sunday.