Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It finally happened

The day that I have been dreading for five years is finally here; my father passed away in his sleep last night.

I am flying to Saipan on the earliest possible flight. Alex is leaving Orlando on Friday morning and will take a flight from Tokyo to Saipan on Saturday afternoon. I am going to be on the same flight out of Tokyo with him.

I had to cancel my other flight (the one that left on the 17th) and buy a new ticket. The flight cost about the same as the one I canceled, but I had to pay a 30,000 Yen cancellation fee. Bummer.

We will both arrive in Saipan at 2 AM on Sunday morning. The funeral isn't until the following Saturday morning, but we will be attending rosaries and visiting with friends and family every day and night until the burial.

This whole thing is more than a little bit surreal. I'll be seeing Alex on Saturday night. It has only been two weeks since we said our goodbyes in Orlando; I wasn't expecting to see him again for another two years.

I'll have all day tomorrow to pack for a month-long trip to Saipan and to help Emily plan her trip. We are going to try to get her there in time for the funeral. We are not sure if she can get the time off from work, but as usual, we are forever optimistic.

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