Thursday, December 08, 2005

News from Saipan

There really isn't much to report since my schedule for the week was really set out for me on the day I arrived.

Today is the day before the funeral. We have a very, very long day tomorrow. The procession to the church begins at 7 AM, once we are at the church we will have a viewing of the body for the public, and then the service begins at 11 AM. When the service is over, the five sons, of which I am the oldest, will carry the casket on our shoulders to the gravesite, which is adjacent to the cathedral. I have been told that we should expect many people to try to take the burden of carrying the casket away from us en route to the gravesite. I have never seen this, but I think the way it works is people try to take turns carrying the casket.

Tonight I think we are going to go the funeral home for a final private viewing. It will be our fifth viewing in as many days. I've stopped crying when I see him. I'll be ready for the burial tomorrow.

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tetricus said...

That's a very long viewing time... I will be honest, I couldn't handle it. I'm really bad with death, even with people I don't know. Take care of yourself.

I've never heard of someone trying to help carry it either.. maybe thats a cultural thing. I could imagine a small community doing that as a sign of togetherness...