Sunday, January 01, 2006

10 MORE Pictures of Saipan, December 2005

Solomon and Angelyce Villagomez at the grave of Justice Ramon Villagomez

Uncle Andu and Angelo

A panoramic shot of Saipan taken on my last day in Saipan. The photo stretches from Chalan Kanoa on the left to Garapan on the right.

The Old Man by the Sea goes fishing...and catches a great tan.

I love Christmas in the islands. Where else can you get your picture taken with Santa while wearing flip flops? The best part was when I asked Santa where he was from and he replied, "Saipan."

Emily, Angelyce Villagomez, and JV

I'll make this easier on you: Some of my Dad's siblings (their are 10 in total), some of their children (I think that we figured out that there are just under 50 of us in total), and some of thier children (who knows how high this number could be?).

Abraham, Solomon, Alex, Memong, and Angelo Villagomez

Fred Camacho, Angelo Villagomez, Alex Villagomez, and Maggie Camacho.

The flowers that were on my father's casket when he was buried.

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