Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crappity crappity

My computer seems to have downloaded a virus. I am sorry if I gave it too you. I actually think it may have downloaded a few viruses. These are the symptoms:

1. Whenever MSN messenger or AIM opens up, I send a message to everybody on my buddy list. Sorry about that, everybody.
2. My computer just shuts off
3. When I turn my computer on, the firewall and the automatic updater have been turned off.

This may take a little while to fix. I need to back up all of my photos and documents and then it will be time to perform system surgery. I may end up doing a partial or full system restore. If I do that, Mom, I'm going to need you to send me my copy of Microsoft Office. Sorry. I hope you still have it.

1 comment:

tetricus said...

If not I can send it...

You would go to a foreign country and pick up some exotic virus.

lil slut.