Thursday, January 19, 2006

Everybody Loves Hard Gay

This is a 7-minute capture from a Japanese variety program. The story-line of this sketch goes something like this:

Hard Gay” (by comedian Masaki Sumitani aka “Razer Ramon”), who is kind of a Japanese cross between the Village People and Party Boy from Jackass, thinks that the “Hoo!” (or is it "Fuu?") in Yahoo! is stolen from his often used exclamation. He goes to visit Yahoo! headquarters in Japan to investigate.

He shows off his skills making copies, in the marketing department, and in the Yahoo! massage room. He then tries to prove his popularity in Japan by selling his little hat on a Yahoo! Auction. The hat quickly jumps to over $250 American in three hours.

At the end of the video they find a role for him at Yahoo!, but I don't think it was what he expected.

Something tells me that this character wouldn't go over to well in the heartland of America.


Emily said...


Josh was Hard Gay for Halloween (Laura's Josh, not Rainbow Josh...surprisingly enough). Spectacular.

medea said...

God I hate Razor Ramon HG.