Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's Monday!

Emily and I had a pretty low key weekend. We kept mostly to ourselves and didn't see any of the JETs...although we were supposed to. We were SUPPOSED to go to a charity show audition on Sunday afternoon, but we forgot to go. Either nobody told us, nobody reminded us, or everybody assumed we already knew. I'm not sure which it was, since nobody told me.

After spending the afternoon cleaning, we spent Saturday night eating a nice shabu shabu dinner at Jacasse, which is a restaurant near Takaoka station. Then on Sunday we spent the afternoon at Aeon, even though we were supposed to be at the audition in Toyama.

I also spent countless hours playing Kingdom Hearts. I've played and beaten the game before, but I wanted to play through it again in preparation for the release of Kingdom Hearts II. The game is already available in Japan for the low, low price of 7,500 yen, but it is, surprisingly enough, in Japanese. I'm waiting for the release of the English version on April 15th.

Emily spent the hours I spent PLAYING Kingdom Hearts WATCHING Kingdom Hearts.

Isn't she the greatest?

Now if I can only get her to like kung fu movies...

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