Friday, February 03, 2006

Do I look like a terrorist?

I must.

I went to drop off my visa paperwork today in Toyama.

The immigration official at the front desk looked at my two pictures, then my passport, compared the pictures to my passport picture, made me take off my hat, compared my face to the passport, then compared my two pictures to my face, and asked me to sit down.

Twenty minutes later, I was escorted out into the hallway, handed all of my paperwork, and was asked to return with a staff member from my anonymous English school.

Did I mention that it costs 320 yen and takes about 30 minutes to travel between Takaoka and Toyama? Each way?

I think I need a drink.

1 comment:

Angry Sicilian said...

It's because you have an Italian first name, an irish middle name, and a spanish last name. They think your multiculturalism is a coverup!