Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I had my first enkai with my new company on Tuesday night in Kanazawa. It wasn't what I expected, probably because my boss is American. Nobody made a speech, there weren't formal introductions, and there weren't huge amounts of alcohol consumed.

After the enkai, about half of the group, including myself, went to a karaoke club. At the end of the night we took a picture. Then we took a crazy picture. Then we repeated the process with everyone else's camera.

Yesterday I met with my new boss and signed my contract. He also gave me everything that I need to get a visa. Today I am going to the office in Toyama to drop off all of the paperwork.


I've been feeling kind of blah the last two days, so I haven't had the energy or the inspiration to draw up a more descriptive telling of my tales.

This will have to do.

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