Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hard Gay Sings!!!

Can life get any better than this?

Hard Gay, the wrestler turned Uber-GAY comedian who happens to be my new favorite Japanese celebrity, has released a version of the Village People classic YMCA. He even made a video. The song, called Young Man in Japanese, is sung half in English and half in Japanese.


I hope this version of YMCA makes its way into the Cinderella Charity Show (Yes, Adam, I'm talking to you).

If you can, take notice of the large H and G on his little shorts and Fuu written in katakana on his back. I want to get a Fuu jacket, if only to embarass Emily.

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Emily said...

I played a bit for Asuka this morning and she was abjectly horrified.

Oakley said...

Why couldnt HG be oiled up like the other mens?

Angelo..check your myspace email..