Saturday, February 18, 2006

Marketing Geniuses....I mean, Bastards!

I was really looking forward to buying some discounted Valentine's Day candy at either SATY, Daiwa, or AEON.

Before Valentine's Day, Emily and I looked enviously at all the different types of holiday chocolate. There were chocolate gorillas, chocolate paint brushes, boxes of chocolate....well, you see where I'm going with this.

I thought that the chocolate would be discounted ON Valentine's Day, you know, to help them move the product before the big day ended. NOPE.

Then I thought that the chocolate would be discounted the day AFTER Valentine's Day, you know, to make room for the next holiday's items. NOPE.

Well, actually, I was half right.

I was walking through the rows of old Valentine's Day candy at AEON yesterday when I saw the workers rearranging all of the chocolate and putting signs up that read "White Day March 14." I found out later that they did the same thing at SATY.


The stores repackage the same candy from Valentine's Day, let it sit on a shelf for a month, and try to sell it at full price for White Day!

I tell you what, I'm going to be REALLY upset, if the candy isn't marked down on March 15.


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Angry Sicilian said...

sneaky bastards.. but at least you won't be eating all that candy.

gretel said...

where the hell are you guys!?