Saturday, February 25, 2006

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Emily had to work today, so I went to see the Sea of Japan, which is six whole miles away! The only problem was I had no idea where I was going, what I was going to do, or how I was going to get there. The Manyo Line looked like it went towards the ocean, so I hopped on the tram in front of Takaoka Station and rode it until I came to the last stop. It only cost 350 yen.

The tram line, which is one of only nineteen in the entire country of Japan, runs north from Takaoka towards the ocean and then turns and runs along the shore for a kilometer or two before ending at Toyamashinko Harbor, which is where I got off. Since I had no idea where I was going or what I was supposed to be looking for, I figured that I would just walk along the shore in the direction that I had just come. When I got tired, I'd just find the closest tram stop and go home.

So that's what I did.

This is the tram that I took:

When I got off on the last stop I was in an industrial area. There was a big sign next to the water that said NO FISHING. There must have been 20 people fishing there.

There wasn't too much too see, so I started wandering. This vending machine was in the middle of a bunch of wood shops:

Half a kilometer away I found this boat ship. It was displayed in a park built to, well, display the ship:

Next to the ship was the coolest playground I have ever seen:

The bathrooms next to the ship were kind of weird looking:

Apparently the Japanese can't just go to a park and look at birds. They have to create a park whose sole purpose is for bird watching. Then they have to create special bird watching areas within the park, hidden of course:

When it comes to enjoying nature, the Japanese do not mess around. At Kaio Bird Park they have built a manmade wetland, surrounded it with paved walking paths and specially made bird watching houses:

The Fukui Port is protected from the Japan Sea from the strangest looking concrete blocks. The concrete blocks look like the chemical structure for methane:

As I was walking along the levee I was hit with the overwhelming stench aroma of seafood. I followed my nose to find a seafood auction:

They were auctioning off fish too:

Behind the fish auctioning building was the prettiest shrine I think I have seen yet. This lion has her mouth open. That is how you can tell it is a her:

I found a canal that ran through the town:

There was a bridge over the canal with these cool sculptures:

The boats were lined up right against the riverwalk. Some of the boats had all the nets and baskets still in them. I thought that was cool. I would die to go out fishing on one of these boats:

This has to be the lamest graffiti in the history of graffiti:

The tram stop where I picked up the tram home was tiny:

I took this tram home:

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The Angry Sicilian said...

Very cool pictures angelo. I'll see if I can keep my adventure to Siesta Key Beach as up to par as your trip to the sea of japan

Amy said...

Okay, I actually *like* the lamest graffiti in the history of graffiti. It's very...something. Tasteful. Or something.

And the park for bird watching...definitely not a Japanese idea. We've got 'em all over Florida.

Saipan Chamoale said...

Yes, but they took an old parking lot and turned it into something pseudo-natural. And they make you hide in little houses to look at the birds, even though there are huge ships, trucks, and other machinery 100 meters away.