Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yellow Fever

So this really has nothing to do with Japan specifically, but since half the guys on the JET program are here because they have Yellow Fever, I figured that it would be appropriate for Livin' la Vida Takaoka. I found it on Google Video. It was made by Wong Fu Productions.

Good job guys.

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Angry Sicilian said...

I can't believe i watched the whole thing...

Nina said...

Oh my god, I loved this video! A friend of mine showed it to me the other day and I was thrilled to see it on your site! Is it a good or bad thing that I thought every guy had their good points? Even the DDR glasses guy who liked to grab ass! I think it's hilarious!

Ya know, the last time I visited Japan (summer '04) a little girl told me that I had hairy arms and she thought it was gross. I almost cried. I'm just Italian!

I go in for my JET interview on the 23rd. I'm trying not to think about it while still preparing for it. A horrible irony if you can call it that. I plan to blog the hell out of the entire experience when it happens. Less than a week away!!

Angry Sicilian said...

From what I've observed, and these are just my observations, JET doesn't seem like that great of a learning experience to add on top of just going to Japan and trying to make it when you weight the emotional costs in some wacky cost-benifit analysis.