Friday, March 24, 2006

End of Story.....well, End of Chapter, at least

About two years ago, Emily and I decided that we wanted to apply to the JET program. We spent several months preparing our applications and getting our letters of recommendation together. Then we finally sent them in to the Japanese Embassy sometime around October-November 2004. After sending in our applications, I started this blog, so I don't need to recount what we've done since that point, since you can read about it in the archives.

It has been a wild ride...and it ended today.

A while back Emily turned in her resignation (broke her contract early) at Fukuoka High School. Today was her last day. A while back I told my anonymous little English school that I wouldn't be able to take the job. I never had a first day, so I didn't have a last day, either.

Our reasons for leaving Japan are both personal and professional.

And no, Emily is NOT pregnant.

We are moving to Saipan to seek our fortunes (and to get a great tan and eat loads of chicken kelaguin). Our train leaves Takaoka on Sunday at noon. We fly out of Nagoya on Monday night.

I'm really going to miss this place. I've only been here for 3 months, so even though I feel like I had the opportunity to experience a lot (see archives to see what I am talking about), I didn't get to:
  1. Climb Mt. Fuji
  2. Visit Tokyo Disneyland (or Tokyo DisneySea)
  3. See the largest and second largest bronze Buddha statues in Japan
  4. Visit an onsen (even though I have 3 tattoos)
  5. Visit a love hotel (I've still got 3 days!)
  6. Drive through the Tateyama Alpine Route
  7. Eat at a Yakiniku restaurant
  8. Watch the sakura blossom
  9. Visit Osaka or Kyoto
  10. Drink Sapporo in Sapporo
  11. Play pachinko
Oh yeah, and I still don't speak Japanese.

I don't want my readers (both of you) to think that all I care about are all of the things that I DID NOT do in Japan. I spent the last three months writing about all of the things that I DID do in Japan. I think I'm allowed to lament on the handful of things that I missed out on.

I guess I'll have to come back.

Edit: My friend Mik sent me the following picture of Saipan's location. It isn't exactly correct. I think that the company that made the map was trying to make Saipan look like a far-off, exotic destination. Saipan is isolated, but it is not THAT isolated.


emma-no-longer-sensei said...

recap of my amazing final day at school to come...

Angry Sicilian said...

Has it only been three months? It seems a lot longer than that. I moved to Chicago in Feb 05... Did you wait all the way till December 05 to go to Japan? Ahhh well anyhow, let me know when you have a room prepared for me to visit in South Pacific.

Nina said...

Wild ride and an interesting read. I think it's amazing all the places you visited and the things you did while you were in Japan. It's inspiring. A fun three months to say the least, right?

Good luck in Saipan!

Anonymous said...

Buen viaje and muy buena suerte!

Pura Vida Fords said...

The map sure looks accurate to me!

Saipan Chamoale said...

Mmmmmm...I'm pretty sure the Marianas are north of the Philipines and Japan looks a little bit bigger than it should be.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe she just cancelled her contract early. do you know what kind of strife that causes conracting organization? not to mention the students? we are welcome into their country and paid a ton of money to do very little...

it was only a few more months. if you sign on for someting, have the balls to finish it.

what a selfish move.

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