Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kanazawa Jinja, Ishiura Jinja, and Oyama Jinja

I got three stamps (shuin) for my nokyocho (stamp book) when we were in Kanazawa the other day. I like two of them, but I'm disappointed with the third.

When Laura went to Kanazawa Jinja, the shuin they made her was so beautiful that the girl at Ishiura Jinja made a photocopy of it. When I went to Kanazawa Jinja, the old man in the office couldn't find his brushes, so all I got was an hanko and the date written with a black marker.

Thanks, Kanazawa Jinja!

The other two shuin were fantastic, though.

I didn't recognize the person in the jinja office at Ishiura Jinja. You might remember from a previous post that the last time I visited this shrine with Laura and Ellie I was given a personal tour of the inside of the shrine (and walked home with a free gift). Not today. I just got my book stamped, bought an ema (those wooden picture boards hanging all over every shrine in Japan), and went on my way.

Oyama Jinja charged me 300 yen to get my book stamped. It was the first time a shrine has charged me. Every other time that I went to get my book stamped (all 5 times) the person in the office told me that it was free or that it was OK not to pay. Maybe because I'm a foreigner? Who knows?

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gretel said...

free!? No, dude, I always paid. They are probably gonna be chasing you all over Japan screaming, "where's my $2?"

Saipan Chamoale said...

Yes, FREE!!!! I crap you not. Everytime I've got to pay they told me not to worry about it.

Angry Sicilian said...

stamp thief!!