Sunday, March 19, 2006

On the World Baseball Classic:

On Team USA:

You put A-Rod and Jeter on the roster? And you're suprised that we lost? Those two princesses haven't won a World Series ring this millenium. Unbelievable! The Yankees are cursed. Want proof? They made Johnny Damon cut his hair for Christ's sake! Oh yeah, and not a single Yankee is playing in the final. Yankees suck!

On Cuba in the final:

Am I going to be put on the suspicious citizens list if I support Team Cuba? If that's the case, GO JAPAN! I'd love to give my support to the team with no professional talent, but then there is that whole, um, communist nation, human rights, dictator, um, thing.

On Japan in the final:

THANK GOD Hideki Matsui chose not to play in the WBC. He understands that the Yankees are a cursed ball club and that if he played Japan wouldn't have made it out of the first round. He understands that a win in the final will give Japanese baseball some mad street cred. (Hell, if they win maybe we'd even consider letting them compete for the title of World Champion every fall.....nah, that would be crazy.) But anyways, GO JAPAN!

On the Cubs:

Will THIS be THE year? Probably not. Sorry.

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1 comment:

michael k said...

That's just what I said on my blog! There were just too many Yankees on Team USA.

I'm a Mariners and Ichiro fan so: Go Japan!