Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Japan

Dear Japan,

I have enjoyed my stay in your beautiful country over the last two months. I appreciate the day to day trials of trying to figure out your language and your culture and I have found exceptional pleasure visiting the many shrines, temples, and parks in Hokuriku.

The people I have met have been nothing less than wonderful. From the lady who helped us get to Ueno station from the airport, to Emily's teachers and students, to the friends we've met along the way, you've all been great. (A special shout out goes to the drunk guy in the coonskin cap!)

I only have one problem with your country.

The name of my city is OR-LAN-DO; you keep prounouncing it OR-LAND.

I can sort of understand why you might do this. The English language is peppered with names of places like GreenLAND, IceLAND, EngLAND, and even DisneyLAND.

This is not the case with Orlando. Our city was named after some guy named Orlando who got himself killed during some war with some Native American nation. Think Orlando Bloom.

It would be like if there were a city in Japan named Hideki, a soldier who was killed in some war.

Thank you for your time and your consideration in this matter. I hope this letter clears everything up.



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