Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscars? Who cares?

It is 7:14 AM on a Monday morning in Japan. Right now it is 2:14 PM in California. I imagine that every channel back home is talking about the Oscars (and gay cowboys).

The TV morning shows (Ohayoo Nippon!) in Japan are talking about Tom Cruise, baseball (balanced between Hideki Matsui and the World Baseball Classic), Shizuka Arakawa (the girl who won a gold medal at the Olympics in figure skating), and the new video showing that the American authorities knew how bad Hurricane Katrina was going to be.

One of the channels was doing an expose on Japanese breakfasts.

There is nothing about the Oscars.

The Oscars start in about 3 hours. I wonder if they are going to be broadcast in Japan? I have a feeling that the good people at NHK are going to make a highlight film and then broadcast the whole show in about an hour.

Updated at 8:47 PM:

I didn't see anything all day about the Oscars on Japanese TV.


They broadcast the Oscars on March 18, 12 days after the fact. They cut out all of the commercials and just showed it from start to finish without a single interuption. It is much better that way.

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