Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Paseo de Marianas

Paseo de MarianasThis is the main tourist drag in Saipan, Paseo de Marianas. It used to be a street where cars could drive, but they recently turned it into a single pedestrian, um, thing (I'm sure a pedestrain thing has a name, I just can't think of it).

This picture was taken on a Tuesday night, so there aren't too many people milling about. The islands are experiencing some rough economic times, what can I say?

We went to Paseo de Marianas this past Thursday to go to the street market. The place was packed with people. I had a rice croquet from the Caprisiosa (sp?) stand. It was yummy.

Too bad I forgot my camera!

We'll go to the street market next week and I promise to post some pictures.

Bye the way:

That's Saipanda on the bottom left hand corner of the picture. Speaking of Saipanda, if the Japanese think Saipanda sounds like Rhino-panda, does that mean that they think Saipan sounds like Rhino-bread? It must.

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Ronn said...

I would call it a pedestrian mall, although it really isn't a mall. And I miss Capricciosa.