Monday, April 10, 2006

On Managaha Island and Defective Consumer Products

The sun poisoning is going away. It got really bad yesterday, but a few Benadryl tablets made it bearable. I did some research into sun poisoning and I have come to the conclusion that my shampoo (combined with too much sun) gave me the rash and the hives. Apparently some herbal shampoos, some foods, and some medications (combined with too much sun) have been known to cause really horrible cases of sun poisoning.

I might have to change my shampoo.

Speaking of defective products, this week, back in Orlando, my parents' Ford F-150 blew up. You read that right. The truck BLEW UP. Apparently there is a defect with the cruise control that causes the truck to blow up while driving, or as was the case with Jim's truck, while parked. To make things worse, my mother's Ford Explorer was parked hood to hood with the F-150, so that when the truck blew up it set the SUV on fire. I imagine that it must have looked just like a scene from Grand Theft Auto.

As if I needed yet another reason not to buy a Ford. Here are some photos:

Thank God no one was hurt and Thank God the trucks weren't parked closer to the house. The whole house could have burned down and/or people could have died.


I hate to end a post on this Happy Sunshine Tropical blog on a bad note, so here are some pictures from Managaha:

This Korean kid put on all of his snorkeling gear in the shade and then tromped over to the fact, that's what most of the Korean tourists were doing.

The Yakuza in Saipan!?! I wonder if this guy has any problems going to onsens?

On a clear day the view of Suicide Cliff from Managaha ain't so bad, huh?

I've never been parasailing, but it is one of the more popular tourist activities on Saipan. The parasail is advertising a new website, It claims to be Saipan’s official website for information on where to go and what to do in Saipan, Tinian and Rota. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Decide for yourself.

Due to the removal of some rusted out WWII relics, the eastern shore of Managaha is starting to erode away into the Saipan Lagoon. As the sand washes away, hidden treasures are being exposed. These machine guns must have been hidden under the sand for decades.

Yet another beautiful shot of the Managaha shoreline.

My Dad's brother is the park ranger on Managaha. His name is Uncle Ralph. If you go to Managaha, pay him a visit.

And finally...

Would you like to play volleyball here?

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Angry Sicilian said...

I'm not sure whats more amazing, the truck or the beach!

That cruise control recall has been out for a while.. why didn't he get it fixed?

Pura Vida Fords said...

Dear Angry Sicilian,

No one told us about the recall, and as I don't watch TV I didn't know about it.

P.S. Dear Angelo, Please give Rafet my very fond regards