Monday, April 03, 2006

One week down...a lifetime to go

Can you believe that we arrived in Saipan almost one week ago? The time sure has flown by. Probably because we have been so busy.

We came here without anything set up ahead of time. That is why we have spent the last week setting things up. Hence the lack of free time.

After looking at a few places, we decided to rent an apartment in Gualo Rai. It is in a great location, right in the middle of the island (off of Middle Road, nonetheless), one building away from Subway, and a block away from the beach.

So anyways, we are up on the third floor and every single night around 6:30 we get to watch the sun set. From our balcony. Over the Pacific Ocean. Did I mention that this happens every night? Yeah, life is that good.

The apartment came furnished with 3 air conditioning units, a dining room set, a living room set, two full sized beds, and a fridge. We've slowing been filling in the rest of the apartment with a few odds and ends. Yesterday we bought a toaster oven and a coffee maker and today I bought some little shelves to put in my room. Yes, I said my room. Emily and I are going to have separate bedrooms. That way she gets to decorate her room in a Hello Kitty motif and I get to say that I don't have a Hello Kitty bedroom. It's a fair compromise.

By the way, donations of household items would be appreciated. They can be mailed to:

Angelo & Emma
PO BOX 505149
Saipan, MP 96950

So anyways, the first week back home has been a good one.

Although it is still called Saipan, this is no longer the island where my father grew up. It is no longer the island that my mother moved to after college and it is no longer the island from my childhood. Even so, it is still Saipan, it is still the island of my ancestors and my family, and most importantly, it still is, and always will be, home.

Living here is going to be a real interesting experience and I'm looking forward to it.

I'll keep my readers updated (both of you).


Angry Sicilian said...

with the internet saipan might as well be the apt complex next door that i'm too lazy to walk to.. ;) Glad to see things are working out. You don't sound too stressed.

Saipan Chamoale said...

Well, I'm looking forward to that first paycheck...the first one since November.

Jill said...

Separate bedrooms? What a good Catholic boy you are. ;)

Emily said...

I have no plans to decorate in an HK "motif." The truth of the matter is that Angelo never picks up his socks and it drives me insane. Thusly I have banished him and his socks to the ghetto bedroom without a balcony.