Saturday, April 08, 2006


I'm trapped inside of the apartment today.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...let me take a few steps back.

Emily and I have a friend, Suzanne, visiting us from Japan this weekend. We met her through a friend, Josh, who in turn met her online. Suzanne was looking on the Nagano JET website for anyone that knew anything about Saipan and Josh replied that he knew two people who were about to move to Saipan, namely, us.

(By the way, we don't know why Josh was trolling the Nagano-ken website when he lives in Toyama-ken. If I had to guess, I would say that he probably met a cute boy while skiing in Nagano and that he was stalking him, but one can only wonder.)

He gave her our emails and when she contacted us we offered her a place to stay. We were brutaly honest, telling her that we had just moved here and that we didn't have much 'stuff' in our apartment, but that we were more than happy to give her a bed and to act as her tour guides for the weekend.

It worked out beautifully...and she came bearing gifts! We half jokingly said that she had to bring Strawberry Kit Kats and Hello Kitty merchandise if she wanted to stay with us...and she delivered! Instead of Strawberry Kit Kats though, she brought APPLE and BLUEBERRY Kit Kats. Yum!

We've seen a lot over the last few days. We went to Suicide Cliff, Bonzai Cliff, Bird Island, the Grotto (hence the pictures from a few days ago), Obyan Beach, Mt. Tapachou, Lau Lau Bay, the Thursday Street Market, and yesterday we went to Managaha Island.

Today we were going to go to Tinian to go to the casino and to Taga Beach...which brings me to my explaination for being trapped inside of the apartment.

I didn't go to Tinian today because I have my first case of sun poisoning...and it is a bad one. I am such a great island boy, ne? I went snorkling on Managaha for hours yesterday and as a result, the entire backside (back, arms, and legs) of my body is scorched to a crisp. The front side, for the most part, is still pasty white, but now it is decorated with splotches of hives.

It doesn't hurt (yet) and it isn't itchy (yet), but it looks really, really, really gross. Hopefully it won't get any worse and hopefully I won't have to go to the hospital. Like I said, hopefully.

Welcome to the islands, I guess.


gretel said...

actually... he met a cute boy on before we ever got here and that boy happened to be placed in Nagano. Good call. That, and Joshie gets bored sometimes :)

Alex Villagomez said...

If you have any pics of you with your sun poisining I would love to see it, I need a good laugh!