Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yoga at the Hyatt

Our yoga class at the Hyatt turned out to be fantastic. The class is taught Thursday and Friday mornings inside of the old Chinese restaurant right in front of the Hyatt. It looks like it used to be a private dining room, but now they are just using it for banquet table storage and, of course, yoga.

The room comfortably fit the instructor and the five students. If there were any more students, it might get a little uncomfortable, but on the whole the room is a great place to do yoga.

One whole half of the room looks out into a Japanese (or is it Chinese?) garden with a pond filled with goldfish. Emily sat next to the window during class and she told me afterwards that she was watching the fish the whole time.

The Hyatt provided everybody with a yoga mat. I've never used a yoga mat. After having used one, I will never NOT use a yoga mat again.

The class itself was pretty challenging. I don't want to knock Laura's beginner yoga class back at the Takaoka Daiwa International Center, but this yoga seemed a bit more advanced.

We started off my sitting in lotus and focusing on our breathing, then we moved into sun salutations, before finally finishing off with corpse. We did sun salutations for most of the class. Pardon me if I don't know the names of all the poses, but after each salutation, Daisy, our yoga instructor, would alter it so that the next salutation was a litte bit different.

I liked Daisy, by the way. I think she is Filipino. She talks in one of those calm voices that one expects a yoga instructor to have. ("Don't forget to breathe.")

I had done most of the poses before, so I wasn't completely lost, but for the ones that I didn't know, I just tried to copy the people next to me. It worked out pretty well.

My arms started burning about 3/4 of the way through the class, though. I blame it on the warrior pose. Ouch!

After yoga we went to Herman's bakery in Garapan for breakfast. I didn't want to eat too much because our physical assessments were in an hour, so I just had some orange juice and a bagel and egg sandwich.

Ed, our favorite Herman's bakery waiter, was there again this morning. He's really a great server and extremely friendly. If I ever open a restuarant on Saipan, I'm going to hunt him down, steal him away from whoever his employer is, and make him a head waiter.

So anyways, the physical assessment went well. I'm fat. We knew that, so it wasn't a big surprise. I was fair on most of the assessments. At least I wasn't poor. The only thing I scored excellent in was my blood pressure. I have a healthy blood pressure level.

...but lots of gray hair.

Emily's Edit: I was fairly happy with my results. Even after five months of no physical activity (except desk guarding) I still scored off the charts in aerobic fitness (really surprised me) and resting heart rate, though my "waist hip ratio" apparently "needs work." This either means my ass has shrunk, my stomach has gotten fat, or I was bloated when I took the test. Humph. I think I can guess which one it is. Where did my abs go? :(


gretel said...

man, so wish I could teach an advanced class, but we don't have any advanced people... well, maybe Adam. We did some yoga on the roof on Tuesday, it was gorgeous. Now it might snow tomorrow. Fucking weather!

Pura Vida Fords said...

Catie has her yoga class today. It's at Bromelia's, which is sort of across the street from CASEM, near Stella's Bakery. Kev thinks it's too sissy... I'll let him know that you are going to yoga, and he might change his mind.

mary tan said...

i'm still quite curious as to how Emily ended her contract early? i don't mean to be nosy but being a JET myself, during my first month of "work" i was wondering WTF i was doing out here. how did your schools react when you informed them that you were leaving?

Emily said...

Surprisingly, they were incredibly supportive.