Tuesday, May 23, 2006


This is the lead story in today's newspaper:

For Sale: Government Cars

We've waited almost two months to buy a car...and now this!

(No telling when they will actually have all of those cars recalled though, could be several months.)


debbie said...

hi, i will be going over to saipan to work, and will need to buy a good second hand car. how much would that roughly cost? i plan to resell it in about a year when i leave. i have about US2000 for a year. which means i buy at around US5000, and resell a year later at US3000. realistic?

Saipan Chamoale said...

$5000? Completely doable. I found that most of the cars were being sold in that range. You can probably even bring the price down a bit.

Emily said...

You should have no problem finding a decent car for 5k.

The resell, however, depends entirely on the economy, your timing (for example, a lot of school teachers leave every year in June and there are a flood of cars for sale then), and how you treat the car. Saipan's terrain can really work a car in just a year...and it's not even the rainy season yet.

debbie said...

thanks very much!