Sunday, April 30, 2006

In the Saipan News

From the Marianas Variety:

MICRONESIAN Athletics Championships gold medalist Noriko Jim and veteran runner Steven Pixley led the winners of the Club Elan 5K Fun Run last Saturday.

Jim topped the women’s Open division to defend the title she won last year, while Pixley ruled the men’s Open division.

Jim, who ruled MAC’s 5000m run last year, finished the 5K run in 24 minutes, 57 seconds.

Pixley crossed the finish line 41 seconds ahead of Jim clocking 24:16
Pixley beat six other participants in the men’s Open division.

Jang Chang placed second with a time of 25:07, followed by Aguinaldo Tesado (28:53 ), Ben Croon (38:14), Rob Epley (38:13), Dirk Sharer (42:42) and Joe Auther (43:06).

Only the top three finishers in each division received prizes.

Placing second to Jim in the women’s Open was Dawn Hammermeister, who timed in at 29:51. In third place was Kanae Quinn (37:03).

Other winners in the annual tournament were Robert Jordan (men’s 19-29 age group), JF Bader (men’s 30-39), John Douglas (men’s 40-and-up), Florian Braig (men’s 50-and-un), Emily G&%#@*% (women’s 19-29), Heather Morrison (women’s 30-39), Tuyet Nguyen (women’s 40-and-up), Suzy Kindel (women’s 50-and-up), Amber Roberts (12-and-under) and Opal Northen (8-and-under).

This is what the Saipan Tribune wrote:

"On the women's side, Emily G&%#@*% bagged the 19-29 division crown"

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Alexander Villagomez said...

Emma son is such a bad ass!

indyinjapan said...

Hafa Adai, I just stumbled across your blog and it amused me for the reason that you two and myself have spent our twenty-some-odd years running around between Micronesia, Japan and South Florida. Good luck! ...Indy

Pura Vida Fords said...

And you are worried about getting in shape?!

gretel said...

Emma, you's a bad mammajamma!

Emily said...

Next time I will beat the guy with the stroller AND the nine-year-old!

Emily said...

At least I got a free massage out of it. Still bitter about the nine-year-old.