Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Internet and telephone...

Oh my!

I applied for Internet and telephone service from PTI, the island's only telephone provider, on April 25th. The phone was turned on a few days ago. The Internet was finally turned on about an hour ago. I just finished installing the wireless router.

We now have Internet AND telephone in our apartment.

We'll never need to go to Java Joe's again!

...but I'm sure we will.

By the way, those of you in more developed locales probably think that 15 days is a long time to wait for Internet installation. In New York, yeah, it probably is. But this is Saipan! They've only had traffic lights here for 15 years! Now I'm sitting in my living room on a WIRELESS laptop publishing to a blog that is read by my Mom in over two countries!


Pura Vida Fords said...

I waited 7 years and never got a phone!

Jill said...

Are they affiliated with BT?