Thursday, June 15, 2006

Getting Sick

I started feeling groggy right after lunch. Then I felt kind of blah all afternoon. Now I think I have a sore throat coming on. This really sucks.

Emily is spending the night in Guam with my Aunt Connie and I'll in Saipan all on my own. This should have been the perfect opportunity to go out and party like a rock star. Nope. I was supposed to go to the novena at the Kiyu house over in As Perdido and then go to happy hour at PIC to meet up with Joe and EJ, but I skipped both and now I'm just sitting around the house hating life.

I hope I feel better in the morning; I don't want to be sick while I'm in Guam.

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Pura Vida Fords said...

Hope you feel better soon! If you were here I'd ask Kev to mix you up a potion. He's learning about traditional medicine.