Monday, June 19, 2006

Nana and Tata

Auntie Connie has a great photo of Nana and Tata in a frame sitting on a shelf in her living room. I asked Uncle Frank if it would be okay if I took it back to Saipan so that I could scan a copy into my computer. He said it was okay.

Isn't it a nice picture? Can you see the tabby shoes my grandfather is wearing? Local fishermen still where those shoes when they go fishing on the reef. People are also still wearing flip flops that look like the ones my grandmother is wearing.

I sent the photo back via Priority Mail this morning. I threw in a copy of this photo of my cousin David and I:

David was my father's godson, so by Chamorro convention he is also my godbrother. In the photo we are about to have dinner at TGI Friday's on Guam.


gretel said...

I see a picture of you... ??

Jill said...

I came across a funny picture today of you, me and your mom. I think it was taken in Rockport.