Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Plant those trees!

Here's a quick little video of our tree planting this past Sunday:


Angry Sicilian said...

Trees grow in stone?

Saipan Chamoale said...

If you were a good little boy and read the post on the RC&D blog you would know that only the top layer was coral aggregate. Soil was about 5-8 inches below the surface.

Anonymous said...

great video, i esp. like the shot after ken picking...thanks for the laff!!!

here's my immediate thoughts on 1020: tried to send to the papers but couldn't get thru. anyways, great work, keep it up!


Including the thief...it should be in the books and enforced:
If you prey on our tourists (especially on tourist sites)-
your punishment will automatically double and be disciplined with clean-up duties at such sites (rather than sitting in jail and eating 3 meals a day). Absolutely no exceptions.

Our govenment should also recognize the importance and opportunity at hand. Raise the littering fine, and to further enhance the movement begun; deputize ALL the VOLUNTEERS - young and old - to help enforce the anti-littering law.

Put an end to 'preying' on our tourists and to littering now,
or the cycle will continue.