Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Quiz Masters

Emily and I were the quiz masters at Hamilton's last night. Hamilton's is a family restaurant that has been on Saipan since 1962. They have a quiz night every Sunday at 7. The players take turns being quizmaster each week. As an added bonus, the quizmasters get to drink for free while they are giving the quiz.


I thought I'd put our quiz questions up for our readers to try (both of you). Email me the answers and I'll tell you how well you did.

Oh yeah, if you're a Toyama JET, you can't take the quiz. You've already seen most of these questions. It would be unfair.

Round 1


1. In Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus', what is Venus standing on?
2. What is the tallest Art Deco-styled building in the world?
3. In Caravaggio's painting 'Doubting Thomas', what is Thomas doing?
4. What is the name of the Dan Brown novel that prominently features the Mona Lisa?
5. Who did Valerie Solanas shoot?
6. Which color did Piet Mondrian hate so much he vowed never to use it in his paintings?
7. In 2003, which artist rented an advertising billboard in London's Picadilly Circus to promote "Peace"?
8. Marcel Duchamp's "readymade" sculpture "The Fountain" consists of what?
BONUS: By what name did he sign it?
Emerging towards the end of the 19th century, and peaking in popularity between 1900 and 1902, this school of art is characterised by dynamic, undulating and flowing, curved "whiplash" lines of syncopated rhythm, and the usage of hyperbolas and parabolas. Conventional moldings seem to spring to life and "grow" into plant-derived forms. The entrance and exit signs of the Paris Metro are designed in this style.
10. Sun Tzu is famous for his collected thoughts on what kind of art?

Round 2


1. Name all 4 houses at Hogwarts.
BONUS: Which play is Hermione named after a character in?
2. "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" - name the character!
3. Which novel opens with the comment "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."?
4. "Cursed, cursed creator! Why did I live? Why, in that instant, did I not extinguish the spark of existence which you had so wantonly bestowed?" - name the novel
5. "Twinkle twinkle little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!" - name the book.
6. Which Charles Dickens novel features Arthur, Miss Haversham, and Pip?
7. What series of fourteen famous children's books did L. Frank Baum write?
8. What play is William Shakespeare depicted as just starting to write at the end of the movie 'Shakespeare in Love'?
9. Which Sci-Fi novel features newspeak, the one-minute hate, and the anti-sex league?
10. Name four Michael Crichton fiction novels
BONUS: Name 6

Round 3


Name the Country. The maps may be upside down, backwards, sideways, or mirror images.

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

Number 5:

Number 6:

Number 7:

Number 8:

Number 9:

Number 10:

BONUS: Name the four main islands of the country in number 10

Round 4

Movie Quotes – Here’s a hint, the newest movie in this list was released in 1992

1. Say hello to my little friend
2. You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never to get involved in a land war in Asia. And only slightly less well known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!
3. Guam sir? There's nothing going on in Guam. Why Guam?
4. Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.
5. There's no crying in baseball!
6. We're on double-secret probation, whatever that is. We can't afford to have a toga party.
7. I do have a test today, that wasn't bullshit. It's on European Socialism. I mean, really, what's the point? I'm not European. I don't plan on being European. So, who gives a crap if they're Socialists? They could be fascist anarchists, it still wouldn't change the fact that I don't own a car.
8. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
9. Nobody puts baby in a corner.
10. I have a very bad feeling about this

Round 5

In the News:

1. Brazil, this year’s favorite to win the World Cup, was knocked out in the quarterfinal round by which team?
2. This young mother has recently been in a lot of hot water because she was photographed driving a car while her infant was on her lap. What is her name?
3. This darling of American Conservatives was recently detained in a Palm Beach airport for carrying a bottle of Viagra that was prescribed to someone else. What is his name?
4. A fisherman in Florida recently caught a record breaking hammerhead shark weighing almost 1300 lbs. Why did this shark weigh so much?
5. George W. Bush recently created the world’s largest Marine Protected Area. Where is it?
6. Somebody has recently proposed building an improvement at the Grotto. What is it?
7. Which country won the most medals at this year’s Micronesian Games?
a. Bonus: How many did they win?
8. Which team recently won the NBA finals?
9. On his recent 5 day tour of the US and Canada, Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi visited the home of this rock and roll legend with whom he shares a Jan 8th birthday. What is his name?
BONUS: In what city is his home located?
10. Al Gore recently released a movie called “An Inconvenient Truth.” In two words, describe what this movie is about


Deece said...

Oh man, I can guess about 15, but probably only 8 would be correct. I'll see if I can get my husband to try.

Saipan Chamoale said...

Hoover submitted answers, but there is no way he got that many right without cheating.


Emily said...

Yeah, there's nooooooo way! Especially given the scores of the teams we quizzed at Hamiltons.

Asuka's Blog Is Here! said...

4 main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, shikoku, and kyushu.

smart huh?

Mona said...

Do I have to answer all the questions? I know I own the literature and art categories, but I'm on lease with the news and movie categories and I'm squatting in the geography one.

Emsmom said...

Those questions are tough. I'm much better at Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel.

indyinjapan said...

Hey guys, India here again from Guam/Sydney/Florida. Cool quiz, I got 95% of the quotes and news but the Art section killed me.

Congrats on the eikaiwa job Emily. I just started tutoring a Japanese kid here, in Japanese, as he speaks none! Unfortunately not many Japanese tourists to teach English to or I would.

My news is my fiance and I decided to get married in Guam and honeymoon at the Aquarius in Saipan, which is why I remembered about your blog! :)