Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Drumroll Please....

The big day finally arrived; Our first CUC bill with the new power rates arrived!

I've been dreading this day for a few weeks now. We just hosted four friends from Japan and we had the A/C cranking on high for about two weeks straight. There was one particular night where my friends left the porch door open with the A/C on 23 degrees. All night. Ouch.

So here we go:

Last month's bill was $122.27. This month's bill was $182.03.

..and amazingly enough my usage actually went down from 746 to 685 KWH. That quirk took me a while to figure out. How the hell did my usage go down?

Then it dawned on me:

Rolling black outs.

CUC has subjected the residents of Saipan to rolling black outs for what seems like an eternity, but probably closer to a month. Those two hours of zero electricity use every single day brought our overall monthly use down. How about that?

Thanks, CUC! We need to stop calling those events rolling black outs or load shedding. Let's call them Fuel Conservation Efforts (FCEs?)!

Going right to an electronic drum set might not be the best choice when first learning the drums; something more classic and less complicated like the snare drum might work well as a first choice, either from Pearl drums or a more generic brand.

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Joe said...

Of course, the cost per KWH went up about 10 cents...

Emily said...

You need to stop posting stuff like this, or somebody will tell our landlord to charge us for the generator! Hooray for paying the highest rent on the island!

Angry Sicilian said...

Our rates in illinois are slated to go up 40% this winter as price regulation is lifted on ComEd, an Excelon company (Thanks Bush!)... Anyhow.. Dani and I currently pay about 13 dollars a month for electricity in our condo. Thats with the a.c running Very rarely.

I switched out all the lightbulbs in the place to compact fluorescent and started swapping out the old appliances and ceiling fans for energy efficent ones. Our new dishwasher is 72% more efficient than what the energy star label mandates.

Turn off your computers at night.. it saves quite a bit.... and don't leave appliances that use transformers always plugged in, even if its just the cord with the transformer. They suck electricty. I didn't learn that until recently, not sure if you knew.

gretel said...

didn't keddie agree that we would pay money for said bill?

gomen! We did give you an assload of beer though... and some cranberry juice to boot!