Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kaiwo Maru in Saipan!!!

I spent the day with a group of people involved in Micronesians in Island Conservation. We were out the whole day visiting areas of particular concern on Saipan.

I never met such a great group of people. All were conservationists...and from Micronesia! It was so inspiring just being able to sit with these people, never mind actually talk to them.

Half way through our day we stopped for lunch at a restaurant near the docks. As we were pulling in I noticed a beautiful ship was docked. It looked really familiar.

Could it be? No way.

I used the 48x zoom on my Canon S2 to get a better look and, believe it or not, it turns out that the Kaiwo Maru, the large ship from Toyama-ken docked in Shinminato on the Sea of Japan was docked right here in Saipan.

How amazing is that?!

I've really been missing Japan and wondering if I would ever see Toyama again. I never thought that Toyama would come to me.

HERE and HERE are posts with pictures of the Kaiwo Maru docked in Toyama.

This goes down on the list as one of the coolest things ever.

...and while we're on the topic of Japan:

One of our stops was Obyan Beach. There are plans to construct infrastructure that will reduce erosion and sedimentation and keep cars and trucks from driving on the beach, so we wanted to show our visitors the project site.

Some Japanese people were doing a photoshoot when we arrived. Japanese men apparently like to see Japanese girls wearing bikinis in tropical locales. Saipan is only three hours from Japan and it is much cheaper than in Hawaii or Okinawa, so photoshoots are not an uncommon site here.

So can anybody tell me if these girls are famous? They were filming video, not taking pictures. So was it a music video? Are these girls in a band? Were they just filming a commercial? Please tell me.


Mona said...

My guess is it's a shoot for a karaoke video. I don't know how many times I've tried to sing "The Rose" with a woman in a bikini on the screen.

Also, who wears high-heels on the sand?

Joe said...

Did you offer your services as a model now that you are a "Body on Fire"?

OSB said...

I tried to sell her some of Captain Manila's baby oil, but she wasn't buying.

Carleton James said...

Is not a coincidence, it is fate that you should come upon that Japanese training vessel in Saipan.
Our trip to the site of that ship was one of the best days we spent in Japan. We again thank you for your hospitality and the pictures which are now our screen saver.

Carleton James said...

In this week's U.S. News "America's Best Colleges," Rollins is at the top of the Southern Comprehensive Colleges.

The University of Maine is missing.

OSB said...

University of Richmond was #1 for years, but now they are ranked nationally. So I got my first degree from the #1 school in the south and then I got my second degree from the #1 school in the south.

Emily said...

Grandfather, you'll be no doubt thrilled to know that next week my class will be translating rap lyrics into standard English. It'll be amusing to see what they come up with.

Emily said...

I'm also applying to three #1s and...well...UF and UMiami. Thanks for not moving me to Massachusetts, MOM.

Mom said...

Please come home to Florida

Angry Sicilian said...

Eh Steve!

Saipan Chamoale said...

I have been informed by a 17 year old Japanese girl living in Japan that these girls are not famous.

Anonymous said...

Look closer at your second photo. That man is definitely using a still camera, not a video camera.

Saipan Chamoale said...

You're right about that. Look for the girls in a manga magazine in the upcoming months then.