Wednesday, September 06, 2006

22 points

Scott Randolph, Democrat for Florida State Representative District 36, just trounced his opposition (I forgot his name already) by 22 percentage points in the Democratic Primary.

His next challenger is Sheri McInvale (R-Orlando), Orlando's Fat Katherine Harris.

Click HERE to see Radioactivequill's Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Scott Randolph

Click HERE to donate to Scott's Campaign for State Representative in Disctrict 36


Emily said...

You look so dorky in that picture

Mom said...

Now Kevin needs a campaign manager - he's running for Student Council. His slogan (which he made up): You can't afford not to vote for Ford!

Saipan Chamoale said...

Does Kevin want an endorsement?

If he really wants to win, he should team up with the prettiest girl in his class and run as a team. Have them put both of their names on all of their fliers, etc. All of the boys will vote for the prettiest girl and Kevin can just ride in on her coat tails. Since Kevin is a good looking boy, the girl will do the same, but with the boys.

Angry Sicilian said...

Does he need a political poll? How about a direct mail consultant? I can get him some top notch stuff. Will this campaign be up on TV? I have some Media Consultants too that are dieing to get into a hotly contested race.

We better get our feild plan set up. Friends and family mailers hoy!

Mom said...

Sarah Atkinson is his campaign manager. Turns out every kid in the class EXCEPT for Sarah is running. Kevin figures everyone will vote for himself/herself, EXCEPT for Sarah, who will vote for him. He'll win by a landslide!