Sunday, September 17, 2006

Club 200

So if you didn't already know, I cut my hair.

Emily and I went to Club 200 last night. Club 200 is the annual Red Cross fundraiser on Saipan. Tickets are $200 per couple and it includes dinner, entertainment, and a raffle ticket.

Emily's been dying for a chance to get dressed up and I try to take every opportunity I get to wear my suit (I figure that every time I wear it the cost ratio per use goes down). I also remember going to this fundraiser with my father as a kid. We were both really looking forward to going.

Dinner was nothing extraordinary; It was your usual hotel buffet spread. The entertainment was good. It was provided by the Brown Republic Band, some Polynesian dancers, and the Malafunkshun boys from Guam.

Nobody really cares about the the food and the entertainment, though. Everybody is there for the raffle. They sell over 1000 tickets every year and they give a hefty portion of the money they take in back as prize money. The grand prize this year was $15,000. There were also 20 or so smaller cash prizes. In total they gave out 64 prizes, including his and hers mopeds, power generators, travel vouchers, and even a bush cutter.

We didn't win anything.

We made a weekend of the event though. The hotel where the fundraiser was held, the Saipan World Resort, offered a special room rate to anyone attending Club 200. We checked in around 2 PM and lounged around the hotel for a few hours before the event kicked off. It was great not having to worry about parking and traffic.

The rooms at World Resort aren't as nice as the rooms at the Hyatt or as big as the rooms at Fiesta, but every single room faces the ocean and has a very spacious balcony overlooking the Saipan Lagoon. The cost of the room also includes admission to the adjoining water park, Wave Jungle, so for the price we paid our stay was very reasonable.

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Deece said...

The Polynesian dance group that performed is called Alana'ia.

FYI, I guess. I just like leaving comments. And my sister owns/runs Alana'ia. =)

Deece said...

Oh, and I'm glad you guys got to go. You look so nice together. The last time James and I got dressed up was for the World Resort Grand Opening.....before that, it was for our wedding.

Missy said...

Awww, the beautiful people. Cute!

We wanted to go but Jim was in Hawaii for a class. Next year for sure.