Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kitty's Got a Cone

Mochi, the cat that lets us live in his apartment, has been chewing on his nether regions so much that it turned raw. Ouch!

I called the vet (the only one on island) to see if they sold those cones that you put on an animal's head to keep it from chewing a wound. They didn't have any, so I had to improvise. I took the top off of my blank CD case, cut a big circle in the top, and slipped it onto Mochi's head.

It was a perfect fit. My improvised cone was a little too long though, so I cut it down to about half its length, but not before taking a few pictures of Mochi looking miserable.

In other news:

Last night I went to a concert featuring the APO Hiking Society, Nanette Inventor, and Rachel Alejandro (mega-hottie).

I'm not up on my Filipino pop culture, but apparently they are all a pretty big deal in the Phillipines. I took a video of APO Hiking Society's last couple songs:


Anonymous said...

great MacGyverism! :)

gretel said...

poor pineapplehead!

Jerry said...

Freddie Mercury would be so proud!

gretel said...

btw... last but not least, I LOVE YOU HERE!

sorry, I am done now.

susan said...

I'm sorry but the only cat I want to own is an Arctic Cat.