Monday, September 04, 2006

Let me explain my tattoos

I'm Chamorro and I have tattoos, therefore, the following pictures are of Chamorro Tattoos (or are they half-Chamorro tattoos? You decide.)

The cross tattoo was my first tattoo. I got it in July 2003 after drinking large amounts of beer at a concert...a Christina Aguilera concert. I never expected to get a tattoo in my entire life, but I'm glad I got that first one. I like pretending that I'm a tough guy with a cross tattoo on my arm (those of you who know me know that I am no where close to being a tough guy.)

I got my barcode tattoo on Emily's 20th birthday after drinking large amounts of Grey Goose vodka (it was about a month before we started dating). Her best friend Reese invited me out with them and at dinner we all talked about getting piercings and/or tattoos to commemorate the evening. After dinner we went to a tattoo parlor in Downtown Orlando and I told the tattoo artist that I wanted to get a barcode on my neck. He said that he couldn't freehand a barcode and that it would be best if I brought him a barcode to trace. We scoured the tattoo parlor for barcodes and in the end I had to choose between a barcode on a Mountain Dew bottle or a barcode on a pack of Marlboro Lights.

I went with the Marlboro Lights.

I originally wanted to put it higher up on the back of my neck, but I decided to get it lower down on my shoulders so that I would be able to cover it up easily.

I got my Democratic Donkey Tattoo during the John Kerry Campaign in October 2004. Two ladies on the campaign wanted to get tattoos so that they would forever remember all of the hard work they had done on the campaign trail. They asked me to drive them to a tattoo parlor because I was from Orlando. While they were trying to decide between getting dove tattoos or donkey tattoos, I let it slip that if I WAS GETTING A TATTOO that I would get an ass tattooed on my ass. 30 minutes later that is exactly what I had. I really like this tattoo because it morphs into other animals. If I stretch to one side the tattoo stretches out to look like a giraffe, but if I stretch the other way the tattoo scrunches up to look like a goat. One of these days I'm going to get back into shape. Then it will just look like a donkey.

Emily hates this tattoo.


steve said...

Hahaha. I love your description of that donkey tattoo. Half goat, half giraffe. Hilarious!

Joe said...

another one of life's great mysteries...SOLVED!

gretel said...

ps. I am getting a tattoo this weekend!