Sunday, September 17, 2006

Malafunkshun Boyz

The Malafunkshun Boyz sang four songs at the Red Cross Club 200 Fundraiser. I recorded the first two. See them HERE and HERE. If you've never lived here or if you aren't Chamorro, there is no way you'll even get half the jokes. Sorry.

In the process of uploading my two videos to google, I found a bunch of Malafunkshun TV shows available online. Just do a google video search of Malafunkshun. Enjoy.


Deece said...

I met Chris. =)

Those guys are so hilarious. I wish I'da gone.

Mona said...

I cannot. stop. laughing.

Missy said...

I miss hearing them on the radio every morning. Where was Andy?

About just read something about them and Kazaa cracking down on downloaders. Are shows copyright protected like music is? We used to use Kazaa all the time for music, but haven't in a while.