Sunday, September 10, 2006


Yesterday Beautify CNMI held an appreciation BBQ for their volunteers. We spent the whole day at Managaha eating, swimming, talking, and eating. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

Here are a few pictures:


Angry Sicilian said...

Wow you guys got hella skinny... Way to go.

gretel said...

ina! FUN FUN! I wanna go!

Carleton James said...

Today we mailed a birthday package which should reach you in three or four days.
I thought you would enjoy MOCKINGBIRD,a portrait of Harper Lee. Also sent LEAVING CHURCH, a book by a female Episcopal priest concerning her faith. She recently spoke here in Murrell's Inlet which is where I learned about the book. The paperbacks are some of those which I purchase every week at Sam's

Angelo's hat is the only one I could find in this area which even resembles a Red Sox hat, and this one does not appear to have been purchased a Fenway Park. If the size is not correct, find someone with that size head.

Happy Birthday to you both and thanks again for being the perfect tour guides during our trip to Japan

I could not find a shelf date on the coffee which I sent so it may be some of the same stale Starabucks which you find in Saipan

Emily said...

Jun is the cutest kid on this whole frickin' island.