Friday, September 15, 2006

MINA Beach Cleanup

MINA has been hosting a monthly beach cleanup at Wing Beach for about 4-5 months. We go out there on the third Saturday of each month and remove the litter that has been either left by locals and tourists or illegally dumped. One would think that there would be less and less trash each month.


This morning we filled up an entire pickup truck bed with trash. Unbelievable! So who is leaving this trash?

Well, we found a pile of cardboard boxes with this written on them:

These boxes are obviously from one of Saipan's garment factories. Thanks, Top Fashion! Thanks, Sears!

We should all thank Top Fashion for dumping their boxes on our beaches! It gives volunteers something to do every weekend. What else would we do with our lives if we didn't have to pick up after other people? Please call and thank them for keeping us busy. They are in Tanapag and their phone number is (670) 322-1611.

As for the rest of the trash, most of it is left by people barbequing. We picked up things like cans, bottles, plates, plastic forks, etc, but we also found two car batteries and garbage bags that are obviously being dumped by people living in the area.

Flotsam and jetsam don't seem to be a problem at Wing Beach, unlike Marine Beach and Tank Beach, so keeping this beach clean is really just a matter of not littering.


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